Lubbock Spray On Roof Coatings

Are you trying to find a protective roof covering that can endure the most severe conditions? Well, you are not alone. It is the dream of many a home or business owner.  The list of materials utilized as waterproof coverings over the years is a long one. For centuries, asphalt-based products such as pitch and tar were the only choice.

In the 20th Century, a variety of other alternatives have emerged, consisting of paint, epoxy, fiberglass, and vinyl esters. The most up to date technology is a product called polyurea. Developed in the late 1980s for the vehicle market, this material is now used in a wide range of applications. With the introduction of the polyurea coating approximately thirty years ago, its impressive strength, flexibility, and its chemical resistant surface area have made the standard urethane finish irrelevant.

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By changing the hydroxyl group in the urethane with an amine group, the product Polyurea was formed. It has a considerably lower level of sensitivity to wetness than other urethane-based coatings. Of the two most common kinds of Polyureas, fragrant Polyureas are by far the most common. Fragrant Polyureas are sometimes called “the workhorse of the market using a wide array of physical characteristics for a variety of usages.”

One reason Polyurea coatings are exploding in popularity is the wide range of favorable attributes they show. The market site, polyurea.com, opens with a strong statement. It reads, “Essentially no other coating can compare to polyurea” when it comes to protecting roofing from water intrusion.

Polyurea is now used as a protective roof finish which can be used to cover a large variety of residential and commercial properties. The exact same polyureas utilized to secure flat roofings are utilized as containment pond liners and are absolutely leak-proof. Polyurea is so strong, it withstands corrosion from acid rain and chemical exhaust in commercial locations.

It can withstand heavy foot traffic and will even lower the risks of future storm damage when used correctly. Quick Foam Insulation’s industrial roofing professionals are skilled at applying a large variety of fluid-applied roof systems and coverings including SPF, and Polyurea. We guarantee your flat roofing system installation, repair work, or coating will be done perfectly, and we back up every job with our industry-leading workmanship warranty.

The exceptional elastomeric properties & incredible flexibility make this product superior to other roof coating applications. It can also be used to seal existing penetrations and can be used to coat all types of metal roofs.

The fact that Polyureas apply easily and set so quickly in a large range of temperature levels and humidity levels is another of its many benefits. Possibly the greatest selling point for Polyurea is its quick cure time. It sets up incredibly rapidly, permitting the applicator to build up a finished density in a single pass. Cure times range from instant to two minutes enabling a fast return to service. As a fast curing, thick film finish, Polyurea is a logical choice when seamless, durable membranes are needed for waterproofing. Additional items such as slip-resistant additives and surface area textures can likewise be incorporated into the spray-on coating, which can also be colored.

This broad range of benefits and ease of use makes it great for other types of jobs like tank linings, secondary containment structures, and bridge finishes. Although these are some of the most popular uses, the application possibilities are almost unlimited.

With high tensile strength higher than 5,000 psi, Polyurea is a very durable material that is extremely customizable. It can last for five to ten years in the right environments. To provide and maintain long-term ongoing protection for roofs, Quick Foam Insulation can respray your roof as needed.

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